When beginning to build your wardrobe you should always start with the basics. These are pieces you will wear for years so make sure they are quality items. For example, I have worn the black V-neck t-shirt on the model pictured below for the last 10 years.  I love the way it gradually A-lines out towards the bottom hem. It's lightweight, 100% Cotton, and made in the USA by James Pearse. This simple t-shirt can go from the weekend, to the office, or even a cocktail party.

Casual Weekend

Denim Skirt // V-neck

Pull out that old denim skirt from your archives! The vintage leather bolo necklace and slides make this look current. The Bolo is from Columbus based designer who is re-purposing vintage jewelry. s/products/vintage-leather-bolo-necklaces


Pencil Skirt // Wool Blazer // V-neck

These are all wardrobe staples. Just like the last outfit the accessories are what make this look pop.  The animal print heel and red earrings add visual interest. 

Night Out

Printed Pants // V-neck

Go outside of your comfort zone! Printed pants are a big trend right now. The red shoe and earring give it a little unexpected twist. (Yes, I used the red earring again!)  If Kate Middleton can rewear her clothes, then so can you and I.

The earrings are from The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is, in OTR. 


Blazer // Fitted Pants // V-neck

Who says you have to wear a dress to a cocktail party? Every time I wear this blazer I get more than one compliment!  Let the blazer do all of the work and keep the rest of the items simple. The crystal necklace is vintage straight from my 92 year old grandma’s closet (Thanks Norma!). Take a look through your older relative’s archives.  You might be surprised by what you find!

Try out your black V-neck looks and share a photo in the comments!

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