Jami is amazing! I wanted an updated look for a new job and didn’t have time to shop. I called Jami, and she immediately got to work. When she arrived at my home a few days later, she had researched what people in my industry are wearing and brought sample pieces for me to try. Within two weeks of my initial call to Jami, she cleaned out my closet, purchased clothing and accessories to complete my new look and created an electronic stylebook. Jami built my wardrobe with mix-and-match options, so packing for business trips will be a breeze. I no longer have to stand in my closet and stress about what to wear.
— Beth Copfer, Loveland, OH

After spending hours staring blankly into my closet and wearing the same items over and over again, I decided it was time for professional help. My closet was full of items with tags still intact and other pieces that were too big or just didn’t fit the style that I was attempting to portray. I work full time from my own home so I fell into the habit of wearing comfortable oversized clothing almost every day. What I really wanted was a wardrobe that was sophisticated enough to wear on a date night yet comfortable enough that I would actually use the same pieces of clothing for work and running errands. We went through each piece of clothing to see if it worked for the style I wanted to achieve and was flattering to my body type. The result? Over 30 outfits made of items in my closet and a strategic shopping list of key pieces. The whole process was so much fun and it felt like cleaning out my closet with a longtime friend. My only regret is that I didn’t contact Jami sooner.
— Heather Steckel, Mason

I had the best experience with Jami! I don’t live near her, so she took me shopping. She showed me the styles that work best for me, gave me a ton of options and ideas. She explained why certain styles are good on me, so I can put those outfits together. And it works! I used her ideas and put the clothes on and felt great! I’m looking forward to doing this again with her in the summer, so I can get that wardrobe going!
— Amy Turluck, Fairmont, WV

Jami breathed new life into my closet! I have been bored with my wardrobe for quite a while. I would buy new things hoping to feel excited about my clothes, but I found myself wearing the same things the same way. Jami took my “boring” wardrobe and created new looks for me that are fresh, fun, and easy to put together. She is also easy to be around. Rather than being embarrassed about my wardrobe and the lack of creativity, she made me feel empowered and confident to wear my clothes in new ways. Thank you, Jami!”
— Tonya Chouinard, Springboro

I had a wonderful day with Jami who helped me make the most of the wardrobe I already own. She pulled so many things together from my closet that I would never have imagined! A super fun day with great results!
— -Lisa Todd, Springboro

I’m a man in my 50’s with little confidence as to what clothing styles best fit my casual yet active lifestyle and are appropriate for my age. I found Jami online locally and scheduled a wardrobe consultation (and prepared lots of questions). She surpassed my expectations, providing opinions of everything I currently have, and in what directions to move, making the most of the items on hand and suggesting what things to acquire. Her blunt but friendly honesty was exactly what I wanted. Jami has a warm and funny personality that immediately makes you comfortable. More importantly, she knows her stuff! I feel fortunate to have found her and will certainly be making more use of her services.
— Don Mueller, Waynesville

Jami showed up on my doorstep and upon entering, went straight to my room and into my closet. Two hours later I had 13 “new” outfits! That’s the kind of shopping most girls dream of. I had all the clothes but didn’t know what to do with them. And as Jami noted, I didn’t have the right shoes. She gave me ideas on what to get to pull it all together. The best part of the day was Jami herself. She was like a good friend, so much fun to be around that I’ll be bringing her back in for another session.
— Shelley Hoy, Springboro

Jami is the best! She truly has a great gift of style that comes across so effortlessly. I was unsure of what to expect when I booked my consultation, but Jami made the process so much fun and put me at ease. She was able to put together several outfits and revamp my wardrobe with pieces I already had but never thought to combine. Jami helped me to stop “overthinking” getting dress and made it fun again. She also suggested for me to buy new pieces of clothing that I would have never thought to try on because of my comfort zone, but ultimately were very flattering on my body. She knew what style, fabrics, and colors worked for my shape. I would highly recommend Jami to everyone because of her knowledge of fashion and her great sense of style.
— Amy Vorpe, Springboro

As a full-time working mom, whose body changed dramatically after having two kids, I was in desperate need of a complete closet overhaul. Jami was instrumental in helping me find new looks that were stylish, flattering and comfortable. (A trifecta I never thought could exist!) Our shopping trip together was extremely efficient - she found brands and designs that worked for my body and budget, covering all my bases for multiple outfits. Getting dressed in the morning is a breeze, and my wardrobe now feels simplified and cool. I could not recommend Jami enough!
— Jess April, NYC

Jami’s fashion eyes and expertise were the perfect match to my daily wardrobe needs. As a working mom of two young daughters, it can be a hassle to keep up with the latest fashion. Jami has made it so much easier for me to dress for work, and special occasions. I can’t recommend her fast enough!
— Nicole Muschenick, Long Island, NY

After having back to back babies, my work wardrobe felt a little stale. Jami and I did a wardrobe review and shopping day. At the end, she helped me put togehter outfits - which I usually find difficult. Jami really made getting dressed in the morning easier and faster! Everything she pulled for me looks amazing and put togehter. I receive a ton of compliments on my new looks, which is also a perk! I can’t recomend her enough. She has a great eye!
— Kristen Golding, Queens, NY