Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

I know swimsuit season makes you want to run for the hills! Trying to find a flattering bathing suit is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s so frustrating! The trick is to know what to look for. Below are my tips for common body types.

Hourglass Shape

You Have Equal Bust and Hips Plus A Well Defined Waist

Work that waist! This season there are some great belted swimsuit options to define your waist. This Anthropologie one piece highlights your bust and your waist. Toss on a jumpsuit and head straight to the beach or pool.

Pear Shape

Your Hips and Upper Legs Are Larger Than Your Bust

When you are pear-shaped it is always a good idea to keep the bottom of your suit dark and the top light and bright – drawing the eye upwards. Most pear-shaped ladies tend to have smaller arms and shoulders. I love this Target two piece because your eye goes immediately to the white top. The multi-directional stripes on the bottom have a slimming effect. Accessories DO belong poolside. Try a pair of statement earrings like these from Honey Rose & K.

Athletic Shape

Your Hips and Shoulders Are Even With A Straight-ish Waist

Most athletic shaped ladies want to make their shoulders seem less broad. A halter or one shoulder swimsuit will do the trick! This one shoulder Solid & Stripe suit is perfect. It has an added bonus of a colored blocked center that helps give the visual illusion of a well-defined waist.

Apple Shape

You Carry Your Weight In the Midsection and Your Waist Isn’t Defined

Most Apple shaped women have amazing legs – so work it! This is all about drawing the eye to the right places. The most common mistake for an apple shape is to wear a super loose and flowy swim top. This just adds visual weight and makes you seem rounder than you are. Here is a great solution from Target.  The black is slimming and the lace V-neck breaks up your shape and draws the eye exactly where you want it. Go from the beach to dinner by tossing on a long knit skirt, add a clutch and these statement earrings. Trust me, this suit will get you a dinner date 😉

Do you have upcoming special events this season and still feel like you have nothing to wear? Contact me and I will put a few virtual looks together for you! Straight from my inbox to yours.



Jami Briggs (24)

My fashion industry experience has given me an extensive education on fit, fabric, and quality, as well as a unique understanding of the natural and human resources involved in apparel production. I hope to help my clients make informed choices on how to consume and remove textile products from their wardrobe.