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“Jami is a hidden gem. As a sylist, she has extensive training and expertise that she combines with sensitive attention to her clients' personalities and goals. She has knowledge of a wide network of resources for clothing and accessories to meet the needs of the individual she is working with. Jami is professional and efficient. She brings kindness, practicality and a special joyful outlook on life to her work and to the people she meets. I have truly enjoyed appointments with her -- not only for the clothing and style advice she has given me, but also for the personal connection she gives. Jami has been a great help to me, guiding and encouraging me to find the perfect "complete" look for several different occasions and seasonal wardrobe. I will always use and recommend her talented and creative services.”


“Jami was so fun and easy to work with! She really listened to my wardrobe needs and put outfits together that I loved. Her wardrobe suggestions had a fabulous price point and all pieces were so versatile with my existing wardrobe. At work, I received two compliments before noon because I was wearing an outfit styled by Jami!!”


“I was in a frenzy trying to find the perfect casual summer dresses. I sent Jami a photo of what I was searching for and she created the most professional style boards for me. She nailed exactly what I was looking for and saved me so much time searching on my own. I'm thrilled with her selections and I now know of unique shops and lines I never knew existed.”


“Jami is super helpful in coordinating your current wardrobe pieces with some new. Jami is personable, friendly, and will help you look stylish and put together. I will definitely be calling her again soon for my summer wardrobe look. I can't wait to work with her again!”


“I began a search for a personal stylist a little over a year ago. I had a mostly outdoor lifestyle and never had the right clothing to wear for fun or formal social activities or traveling. I wanted to make my wardrobe much more functional and feminine. Jami is professional, dynamic and highly experienced, but also non-judgmental, funny and reassuring. I felt instantly comfortable with her and she has become a great friend. She listens very closely to what I say, but she is also very good at interpreting what I actually need and making suggestions. Jami has total respect for my budget and there is never any pressure to spend more than what works for me. Where she does use her persuasion is in encouraging me to explore and experiment with my personal style. While initially, we used clothing I already had to create new looks, I now also have pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely 100% love and wear quite often, but would never have even considered trying on my own. My closet is no longer cluttered and I am confident putting together outfits for any occasion. Working with, and learning from Jami has been one of the better things I have ever done for myself.”


“Jami is a consummate expert at what she does; smart, knowledgeable, quick, flexible, easy to work with in person or electronically, and as a bonus - both patient and kind. Working with her has been a very cost effective, convenient and efficient process. It has been well worth the initial discomfort of opening myself up to fresh ideas, and now it could even qualify as fun! Jami built on my present wardrobe, helped me figure out what to let go and what to give new life to with a different pairing, altering or layering. She added 'missing pieces' that gave me a flexibility I didn't realize I was missing. And, the electronic picture book of outfit suggestions has been a most helpful and on-going tool. Jami is a game-changer.”


“I have tried Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, and searched on Pinterest countless times trying to up my wardrobe game. What I found with Jami is something none of these other options could help me accomplish. She sorted through what I already had in my closet and gave honest feedback on the condition and fit. Then she worked on pulling new, on-trend pieces to compliment my closet and lifestyle. I had so many outfits that felt fresh, with the purchase of only a few new items. I highly recommend Jami and her services. She is amazing!”


“This is such a great service, I love the convenience. My goal was to elevate my casual wardrobe. Jami put together several looks for me combining the things in my closet with a few new pieces. She suggested great quality essentials within my budget. I couldn’t be happier, the outfits are perfect. For me it’s easy, my current wardrobe goes farther and I’ll actually save money on clothes when I shop with a purpose instead of on impulse. I would definitely recommend her service. Jami is very talented. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


“As someone who travels across the US for work constantly, I don't have the time, nor the desire, to go shopping on a few days a month when I am in town as it would take precious time away from my family.  On top of that, I simply don't have the bandwidth to keep up with what is fashionable.  The result?  A wardrobe far below my job title and frustration that I was often in situations. With coworkers across the nation, friends at home, or a vacation with my family where I simply didn't look as put together and as sharp as those around me.  I started to notice that the teams that I manage often were dressing better than me...and while I am not one to judge someone on wardrobe typically, I started to feel self-conscious about it.  I'm also a pretty big man and would try to pull off things that simply didn't look right on my frame or didn't hang right because of the cut.  A frustrating situation to say the least and one that ultimately could impact my career (at the very least annoy my wife when out to a nice restaurant).  In came Jami.  She sent me constant communications with style-boards to see what I liked, had me send photos of what I was wearing in different situations, and asked me to take note of what people at work were wearing that I liked.  After several discussions, she had a good feeling for what would make me look my absolute best!  Jami purchased all of the options she wanted me to try on, came to my house and went through my closet, had me try on all of the new clothes, and taught me how to mix and match to get the most out of my new wardrobe!  She even took away and returned what I didn't want to keep!  The next week I started getting compliments from my employees and our C-Suite Executives on how sharp I looked.  Hands down the best investment I've made in myself in about ten years, and I will continue to use her amazing services. On top of all of that, I never once had to slow down my insane schedule or miss a beat with work or home because she was so accommodating.  I can't thank you enough, Jami!”


“Jami Briggs provides personalized service and experience when you are looking to reinvent or refresh your wardrobe style.  In my world, time is money.  Jami does all the work!  She assesses the clothing pieces you already own and weaves a refreshing new you with wardrobe pieces that compliment what you already have.  Jami has the personality of a best friend that encourages you to be the best you can be.  Jami is funny and fun to work with.  Her sessions are refreshing.Jami is a true professional that has the resources to provide her clients with a wealth of support.  Jami's comfortable creating a wardrobe for a specific season or event.  I am forever an advocate of Jami Briggs, she is an incredible stylist that gives her clients the unique ability to wear fashion with confidence and comfort.”