The Style Tips You Need To Look & Feel Your Best While We “Zoom” Our Way Through Life.

COVID has changed the way we work, communicate, and also how we approach our style. Many of us find ourselves with multiple Zoom calls per day. It can be hard to figure out what looks best on camera. There is also the challenge of what is most appropriate to wear as we work from the comfort of our homes, but still, need that professional vibe to translate in all of our meetings.

This blog contains tips and a few of my favorite pieces that will help you look your best on camera and give you the comfort you need while working from home.

Soft Colors

Soft muted colors look best on camera. Avoid white and black tops as they tend to make you look like a blob on video conference calls. One easy way to look pulled together is to add an earring. Take this time to play around with your style and incorporate an earring you may not typically wear.

Soft Prints

Prints on camera can be tricky. Stay away from strips and busy prints that can be distracting to others on the call. Keep your prints soft and pleasing to the eye.

Brights & Jewel Tones

If you are going to wear a bright top on your video conference call, be sure to add a layer. Add a blazer or cardigan to help you look slimmer. You just want a pop of color on camera.

Are you looking for help with your zoom wardrobe? Let me help you with my $150 virtual mini session. I will make sure you have the options you need to make you look your best on camera.

Stay Healthy!



Jami Briggs (24)

My fashion industry experience has given me an extensive education on fit, fabric, and quality, as well as a unique understanding of the natural and human resources involved in apparel production. I hope to help my clients make informed choices on how to consume and remove textile products from their wardrobe.