What Should You Wear This Fall?

For me, the biggest trend of this new season is, there are no trends. The fall runway shows took place pre-COVID and the trends from the shows no longer matter in this new “normal”.  This season I’m sharing items that make sense for our current life, not trends. Don’t get me wrong, the trends are amazing, but not amazing for right now.

Here are a few things that will lift your spirits, make you feel good, and still allow you to look put together.


We are all spending more time at home. Here are some cozy items you can wear at home and still feel stylish. Dress for yourself, not for anyone else.


Nothing can update your look like a new pair of jeans. This season you should invest in a pair of jeans that are not skinny. Straight leg and flare cuts have been trending the last few years, and if you have not taken the plunge yet, now is the time.


Are you now a work from home warrior? Do you have zoom fatigue? I can’t help you reduce the number of video calls,  but I can help you look your best. One quick tip is to put on a bold lip. This Nars shade of red (Curella) is a cult favorite. It is my go-to red lip.



If you venture out this fall, a quick way to feel put together is to toss on a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a classic that you will have for years to come. It is all you need to make your sweatpants look sophisticated.


The accessory of 2020, and here are a few of my favorites. If you only buy one thing this season, it should be a Honey Rose & K mask chain. It is the best way to keep track of your mask. When COVID is behind us, you can wear it as a necklace or sunglass chain.

Are you looking for that one essential item this season? Let me help you with my $40 virtual recco. I will make sure you have the options you need that are not only trending but conducive to your lifestyle and budget.  

Stay Healthy!



Jami Briggs (24)

My fashion industry experience has given me an extensive education on fit, fabric, and quality, as well as a unique understanding of the natural and human resources involved in apparel production. I hope to help my clients make informed choices on how to consume and remove textile products from their wardrobe.