New Virtual Styling Service

As we embark on uncharted waters, we are all adjusting to our new “normal” way of life. Staying home, doing our part to help our neighbors, loved ones and communities stay healthy and strong. 

With all of this time at home, everyone is starting to clean out their closets and asking themselves. Do I need this? When was the last time I have worn this? What do I wear this with? My NEW VIRTUAL STYLING SERVICE can help you make the most out of your wardrobe and layer in a few Spring updates – all from afar! 

Jami Briggs Wardrobe Consultant Dayton

Jami Briggs Wardrobe Consultant Dayton

Jami Briggs Wardrobe Consultant Cincinnati

Jami Briggs Wardrobe Consultant Cincinnati

How it works:

  • We schedule a 30-minute video chat to discuss your style and what pieces you already own. 
  • Next, you will photograph and upload pictures of your current pieces to a private client portal that I set up for you. 
  • Then, I will create a personalized, digital look book of 10-15 outfits mixing your new and existing items. Remember, your look book is composed of pieces that fit within YOUR budget and align with YOUR goals. 
  • After you receive your new pieces, we will schedule a second 1-hour video chat to review everything and collaborate on how to put your new looks together. 
  • Finally, all looks and recommendations are housed in your personalized and private digital portal. 

The best thing we can do for ourselves right now is to get rid of anything weighing us down (including our wardrobe!) and do whatever we can to make ourselves feel good. 

Stay Home Discount! Book a virtual session in April & get 10% off. 

Stay safe and healthy!



Jami Briggs (24)

My fashion industry experience has given me an extensive education on fit, fabric, and quality, as well as a unique understanding of the natural and human resources involved in apparel production. I hope to help my clients make informed choices on how to consume and remove textile products from their wardrobe.