I began a search for a personal stylist a little over a year ago. I had a mostly outdoor lifestyle and never had the right clothing to wear for fun or formal social activities or traveling. I wanted to make my wardrobe much more functional and feminine.
Jami is professional, dynamic and highly experienced, but also non-judgmental, funny and reassuring. I felt instantly comfortable with her and she has become a great friend. She listens very closely to what I say, but she is also very good at interpreting what I actually need and making suggestions. Jami has total respect for my budget and there is never any pressure to spend more than what works for me. Where she does use her persuasion is in encouraging me to explore and experiment with my personal style. While initially, we used clothing I already had to create new looks, I now also have pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely 100% love and wear quite often, but would never have even considered trying on my own. My closet is no longer cluttered and I am confident putting together outfits for any occasion. Working with, and learning from Jami has been one of the better things I have ever done for myself.