As someone who travels across the US for work constantly, I don’t have the time, nor the desire, to go shopping on a few days a month when I am in town as it would take precious time away from my family.  On top of that, I simply don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with what is fashionable.  The result?  A wardrobe far below my job title and frustration that I was often in situations. With coworkers across the nation, friends at home, or a vacation with my family where I simply didn’t look as put together and as sharp as those around me.  I started to notice that the teams that I manage often were dressing better than me…and while I am not one to judge someone on wardrobe typically, I started to feel self-conscious about it.  I’m also a pretty big man and would try to pull off things that simply didn’t look right on my frame or didn’t hang right because of the cut.  A frustrating situation to say the least and one that ultimately could impact my career (at the very least annoy my wife when out to a nice restaurant).  
In came Jami.  She sent me constant communications with style-boards to see what I liked, had me send photos of what I was wearing in different situations, and asked me to take note of what people at work were wearing that I liked.  After several discussions, she had a good feeling for what would make me look my absolute best!  Jami purchased all of the options she wanted me to try on, came to my house and went through my closet, had me try on all of the new clothes, and taught me how to mix and match to get the most out of my new wardrobe!  She even took away and returned what I didn’t want to keep!  The next week I started getting compliments from my employees and our C-Suite Executives on how sharp I looked.  Hands down the best investment I’ve made in myself in about ten years, and I will continue to use her amazing services. On top of all of that, I never once had to slow down my insane schedule or miss a beat with work or home because she was so accommodating.  I can’t thank you enough, Jami!