I Want You To Spend Your Holiday Cash…….On Boring Basics!

Happy New Year!

I am going to help you spend your holiday gift cards that are burning a hole in your wallet.

Now, I COULD post a bunch of trendy items that you could blow your wad on. Instead, here are some Jami-approved basics that will last. I know I know, this is semi-boring. Plus, all of the other bloggers and stylists are sucking you in with their latest OOTD. Buy a good blazer…get that great white T-Shirt…blah, blah, blah. I sound like a broken record!

This year has been a learning experience for me. I entered many of my clients’ closets and I was surprised at how many clothes they have. I also realized that many people are browsing the internet, finding the latest top in the season’s “it” color and think “oh that is cute!” Click. Done.  I totally get it and I have done it myself!

So, in 2019, let’s try to make better fashion decisions and ask these questions before you click:

How will this fit into my wardrobe?

How many ways can I wear it?

Will the item still be relevant after this year?

Is this made of quality materials?

Before you click away your holiday cash make sure you have your basics covered. Here is my list of chic investment pieces that will stand the test of time and could mix in with your impulse buys.

Best pants ever!

These pants are amazing and super comfortable! They look great with heels or flats. I know $300 for a pair of pants is steep, but you will wear them every week. They can also be found for less on resale sites such as eBay or Poshmark.

Must Have Cashmere Sweater

Everlane has the best cashmere sweaters at a decent price point. A lightweight cashmere sweater can be worn for three seasons out of the year. Wear it alone when it is warmer, or layer it during the winter months. I treat my cashmere sweater as an “elevated sweatshirt”. Pair it with cool sweats or yoga pants when you are running around town.

**Everlane is completely transparent about its supply chain, which is extremely important especially when it comes to cashmere.

Classic T-Shirt

I said it before, and I will say it again… I have been wearing this T-shirt for the last 10 years. Enough said. Pair it with literally anything. A blazer, lace skirt, leather jacket, or alone with statement jewelry.

Tailored Blazer

I repeat… you need a good blazer. This is a well-made wool blazer at a good price. Also, J. Crew runs a sale every other day. With that in mind, maybe hold out for the sale. This one looks great with a T-shirt, cashmere sweater, turtleneck, denim shirt, silk blouse, or a printed top.

All of my clients out there, let us know how you feel about the J. Crew blazer in the comments below.

Perfect Bodysuit

Now you may think I am totally crazy to spend this much on a bodysuit. However, you will be surprised how easy it is to work into your wardrobe. It is a great layering item. Wear it under a denim shirt, silk button-down, blazer, leather or denim jacket. It is absolutely worth it!



Jami Briggs (24)

My fashion industry experience has given me an extensive education on fit, fabric, and quality, as well as a unique understanding of the natural and human resources involved in apparel production. I hope to help my clients make informed choices on how to consume and remove textile products from their wardrobe.