What Should You Wear This Fall?

For me, the biggest trend of this new season is, there are no trends. The fall runway shows took place pre-COVID and the trends from the shows no longer matter in this new “normal”.

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The Perfect Fall Bag.

Fall will be here before we know it. From lightweight, fun, pops of color with our summer bags, we are now looking for rich colored, textured and many times, multi-purpose bags for fall. In this blog, I will review some of my favorites this season as well as what I look for when investing in the perfect bag.

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Save Or Splurge Summer Dresses

Tossing on a dress is an easy way to look pulled together in the summer. This season slip, tier, and wrap dress are all having a moment. Here is how you can save or splurge on summer dresses. If you see something, you like all you need to do is click the buy now link! […]

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Summer Shorts Save or Splurge

Shorts are our go-to during the hot summer months. Here are some save or splurge short outfits to get you ready for those 90 degree days.

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Jami Briggs Personal Stylist White Jean Outfits

My Top 16 Pairs of White Jeans

White jeans are a summer wardrobe staple. Here are my favorite 16 pairs of White Jeans in different fits and price points.

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Jami Briggs Personal Stylist Elevated Sweats

Comfy & Cozy Style In 2020

In the near term, we will all gravitate to comfortable items that make us feel good at home. Let me show you how to be stylish and comfy.

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Runway vs Reality Spring 2019 Trends

I know you may see runway looks in a magazine or on Instagram and think to yourself “how does to translate to real life?” Here are 5 trends inspired by the runway and how they can work for reality!

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Loving These Accessories That Are < $100!

If you saw some of my posts last month, you know that I am all about a good basic. With Valentine’s day approaching, I came up with a list of cool, cupid-approved accessories to bring some romance to your basics.

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I Want You To Spend Your Holiday Cash…….On Boring Basics!

Happy New Year! I am going to help you spend your holiday gift cards that are burning a hole in your wallet. Now, I COULD post a bunch of trendy items that you could blow your wad on. Instead, here are some Jami-approved basics that will last. I know I know, this is semi-boring. Plus, […]

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