Jami Briggs Fashion Consultant Dayton Ohio

Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

I know swimsuit season makes you want to run for the hills! Trying to find a flattering bathing suit is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s so frustrating! The trick is to know what to look for. Below are my tips for common body types.

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Spring Sandals Under $100

This month’s blog is brought to you by the letter S… Finally, spring has sprung! Take your toes out of hibernation and try one of my favorite sandal picks.  Don’t forget to book your first pedicure of the season!

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Runway vs Reality Spring 2019 Trends

I know you may see runway looks in a magazine or on Instagram and think to yourself “how does to translate to real life?” Here are 5 trends inspired by the runway and how they can work for reality!

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Loving These Accessories That Are < $100!

If you saw some of my posts last month, you know that I am all about a good basic. With Valentine’s day approaching, I came up with a list of cool, cupid-approved accessories to bring some romance to your basics.

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I Want You To Spend Your Holiday Cash…….On Boring Basics!

Happy New Year! I am going to help you spend your holiday gift cards that are burning a hole in your wallet. Now, I COULD post a bunch of trendy items that you could blow your wad on. Instead, here are some Jami-approved basics that will last. I know I know, this is semi-boring. Plus, […]

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Wardrobe Consultant Cincinnati

My Holiday Hit List

Gifts that keep on giving… these are my top five items to give and get this season!

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